dim sum

Hey, do you want some new Daft Punk in your life? WELL YOU CAN'T HAVE IT THEY BROKE UP. Oh my god, why am I so mean? That was so mean. I'm just bitter because literally months after discovering The Walkmen - by seeing them live, mind you, at Outside Lands in 2012 and having my mind blown to smithereens - they broke up. Life, I verily whineth, is not fair. 

Anyway yesterday I discovered Dim Sum, so here are some Daft Punk lite vibes for your sexxxy spring weekend:

You like? Oui, tu vas aimer, je te promets:


Those last two aren't so Daft Punk-y, but "Accolade" below is. HERE HAVE SOME MORE DIM SUM HE IS FUCKING RAD.