lest u worry

Today was a much better day. Good things all day.

1. Got some answers and set some plans in motion at work. Got to tell some people they have jobs again. Got to tell them their hazard pay raises are permanent. 

2. Got (more or less) final word on my own pay. I've been hourly until now, with tips being a substantial part of my income. I'm the last standing hourly GM in my company, because it's worked out better both for me and for them, for various reasons. But now my responsibilities are shifting and I'll be floating between two stores and hourly shifts won't make sense. The big hurdle of me moving to salary has always been an inability to match what I make now, because of those tips. But they found a way to make it work: by splitting my salary between two locations. The gap is not insubstantial. In fact it's kind of unreal how much they are ponying up to make this happen. And today when my boss assured me it was really happening and I balked, saying "That's a ridiculous amount of money for slinging ketchup" he said "You don't just sling ketchup, Ellie, and we wouldn't do this for just anyone. You are worth it and we want to keep you around."

I have been with my company almost five years. It has by and large been an awesome experience in which I've been mentored by incredible people who are now some of my best friends. And I've stayed as long as I have because I love my bosses so much; they are unbelievably supportive and caring people. I started in October of 2016 an absolute mess, financially broke and emotionally broken. And now I have a legitimate career that no one can take away from me. I'm overseeing two locations, have familiarity with a third location, and I know my company's product line, story, and ethos inside and out. I'm technically still a GM, though at this point with the responsibilities and knowledge I have, I'm on the way to the next step on the ladder if I want to keep climbing. Regardless: I have a real fucking job, with real fucking skills, that I can really take anywhere, if I decide to move on. And moving to salary now gives me "the number" I can justifiably command as my rate going forward. 

3. Caught up with some friends and even got to see one of them, who did my hair. And while I still have the sadz over how short it is right now, at least the color is okay again:

Yr LA 6, over and out.