team fierce

Today's small item is a happy nicetime from the friend files. 

Brent is a ridiculously talented and hardworking chef I used to work with, who is now a close friend. He was one of my mentors in my company, and had a not-small hand in endorsing me to the higher ups who granted my promotions. He had to leave LA last fall when all the restaurant jobs dried up due to the pandemic. He was gutted.

He went back home to North Carolina and took an executive chef position at a super hot, high end restaurant in Charlotte. It wasn't a match, though, and didn't last. He'd been out of work for a minute and was starting to get down about it and I was doing my best to keep him positive.  

The first text is me telling him the script he needed to repeat to himself when he felt discouraged:

And this one is from less than a month later, when he landed Director of Food and Beverage for a national company, a job that will allow him to eventually transfer anywhere he wants, including back to LA:

Where I come from, your friends' successes are your successes, and vice versa. Where I come from, being a friend means being a a fierce fucking cheerleader, always.  

Anyway, there is your happy nicetime item for the day. A happy ending, even before the pandemic has ended.