what the fuck *DO* you do all day anyway, Ellie?

Something a little different today. Something I don't talk much about at all, because boring! My job. Gonna get all reveal-y about the true glamour of managing a two restaurants. Brace yourselves for the envy.

I recently hired a new head chef, whose title is actually Chef Manager, who is expected to be more of an equal to me in front-of-house and administrative duties than our previous chef at this location, and who is therefore more experienced both in the kitchen (she's a culinary school grad) and kitchen management (she ran the show at a very prestigious college in Malibu that you may have heard of).

She's incredible and at only two weeks in my life is already a million percent less stressful. However she's brand new and absolutely brimming with ideas and suggestions, and she keeps coming to me like "We should do this! And we should do this!" and I am like gurrrrl, yes. You should do that. Key word being you. CUZ I GOTS MY HANDS FULL.

And in her defense when we hired her in, there was a ton going on (there still is) and though I really wanted to have a breakdown of our responsibilities ready to give her on day 1, I didn't have time to do it until just now. Like me, she is all about communication and support and teamwork. She just hasn't been properly introduced to how my store - really, all of the stores in company - are run. What gets delegated by the GM (moi) and what does not. What's all me, what's all her, and what we do together. 

And while it is some seriously boring shit (and probably explains why I dramatize and romanticize my life so much, haha), putting it all down on paper was kind of a holy shit moment, because seeing all the million things I'm responsible for really makes me understand why I have to work a bajillion hours a week to get it all done. 

So here it is, all the wonder and glory. What I do all damn week when I'm not moping and mooning over exes and spending waaaaay too much time making IG stories. I left off her portion of responsibilities and just included mine plus our shared ones, because who cares about her, she can get her own blog AMIRITE.

Just kidding, she's a brilliant and talented chef, but her list is basically fifteen variations of buy food, cook food, sell food.

Just another dysfunctional Gen X liberal arts major fulfilling her destiny. Sigh. At least, like me, this destiny is mutable.