one oh one

Last post I dropped a big tease, which is that I have a bunch of things programmed on my countdown app to look forward to. The thought of these things is keeping me sane and steady at a time that is really rather challenging, not gonna lie. 

At the time of writing this post, those things will happen in 2, 6, 10, 28, 94, 101, 111, and 418 days. So here's one, in all its ridiculous glory. Here's what's happening in 101 days:

I know. You all thought I'd have outgrown this shit by now. WELL I HAVE NOT. I have not. 

For what it's worth, I no longer scoot to just any festival. There really have to be at least a few solid draws for me. And for me, this lineup is absolutely stacked. I don't imagine many of you know many of the artists, but holy shit. So much stellar progressive trance on here. Genix. Grum. Jaytech. Andrew Motherfucking Bayer. An entire Dreamstate stage. And when I went through and checked out the names I didn't know, I discovered Layton Giordani. who I am now obsessed with. 

Me being me, the thought of getting absolutely stupid and dancing to this sound all night, just filthy with sweat under the summer moon in San Bernardino and celebrating, among other things, Normal Fucking Life and the fact that by then I will have paid off ALL my debt (!!) is EXACTLY what I need to hold onto right now. Now put on your techno pants and go straight to System Majority


 RIGHT???!!! Can't stop won't stop yet.