types of rest

 Saw this on Twitter the other day and #6 stopped me short.

I didn't realize until I saw it exactly why I've been feeling so burned out. Yes, I usually do lose at least half a day to work. But for the most part, I do have time to recharge, stillness, solitude, alone time, and a very safe space. I get plenty of art in the form of music and my own writing. But it's been months since I had a real break in responsibility. And that is exactly why I'm so exhausted. I remember clearly how incredible it was during the short time I was in a support role in the company, at the beginning of the year, before I took over the new store. It was like walking on air, it was so easy. I just had to show up, do good, and go home.

Now I can never fully shut off. Managing a restaurant is like having an unstable child that could get sick or hurt or throw a tantrum at any minute, regardless of where in the world you are or what you're doing. And I have two lol. It doesn't help that I have a new chef who's very keen to make sure I am in the know about every little thing happening in my absence. I much prefer communication to things going wrong and my not being able to address them -- but we both need to work together to find a balance and boundaries, for our sanity. I'm currently trying to lead by example and not even send her a single email or text message on her days off so she has at least a little bit of #6.

Anyway, I shared this with a couple of friends who also found it eye opening, so.