emergence with a vengeance

How it started:

How it's going:

I told Cameron that after I'd joked about it, I realized a sexy cicada costume would be a riot, and that I actually wanted to do it. So after realizing that he, too, wants to be a cicada, he invited me to Houston, where we can make it a group thing with his bajillion kickball league friends. We immediately started brainstorming and link swapping and now I am fully prepared to let Halloween 2021 make up for all of 2020, a not-small piece of 2019, and perhaps even a few months of 2021. NO PRESSURE, HALLOWEEN 2021.

Anyway, here is my mood brood board so far:

And yes, I want to DIY the goggles, though there are plenty of readymade options if I can't make it work. Meanwhile, designer extraordinaire Cam has already sketched out his costume and promised to make me super cute LED antennae. I can knock my whole outfit together for less than $100 unless I spring for the custom Etsy wings (I REALLY WANT THE CUSTOM ETSY WINGS), and this'll be the first I've seen Cameron since 2019. 

Prepare yourself, Houston. There will be no mercy.