when the dust settles and you look in the mirror

There is no revenge so perfect or so thorough you can exact that will change the fact that you are the kind of person who needs to seek revenge. And the only people who need to seek revenge are bitter, angry people. People who ruminate, and resent. People who stew, and nurse grievances.

There is no vengeance you can take that doesn't betray that you ruminated and stewed. That you didn't have the inner peace to just walk away. That you don't have a life so full of awesomeness that you're too busy to plot and scheme. 

Spiteful, preoccupied, sleepless. That is a person to pity.

Unbothered, positive, secure in themselves. That is a person to admire. 

Once you've shown what you're made of, you can never go back. No one will ever forget.