real true events

Some things that happened in the past week:

1. I hugged a ~65 year old Russian man named Mir when he miraculously - and at a very reasonable price! - fixed our AC at the restaurant, on a Saturday, in the middle of a heatwave. Accent thick as borscht. Old school AF. Insisted I learn how to change the rooftop unit filters myself so he wouldn't have to charge me an extra $95. Used a bungee cord to lower his equipment down off the roof to me, yelling at me when I wasn't being careful enough. Total character, I loved him.

2. Someone for whom I did a kindness returned it with more psilocybin than I have ever possessed at one time in my entire life. Truly, I gasped when he handed it to me. I am now sitting on small forest's worth of penis envy. No fucking clue how I'll ever get through it, as none of my friends do shrooms. When it gets just a little hotter, I think I'm going to trek out to Malibu on a quiet Monday, use the awesome beach shade I still haven't touched, watch the sunset and invite the sea lions to discuss the meaning of life with me.

3. On a packed bus ride home, I sat next to a homeless man who spent the entire time methodically, menacingly sandpapering a rusty hammer. He himself was so filthy, so caked in dirt that when he periodically turned to stare at me, the whites of his eyes glowed. He wore his sweatshirt's hood up over his head and stayed hunched over in concentration for the entire 35 minutes we were beside one another. People kept glancing at me to see if I was okay. I was fine until he started gaping at me, at which point I normally would have said something or moved but I was scared if I set this guy off, said rusty hammer would be the last thing I would see in this dear life. When my stop came up, I had to climb over the back of the seat because he wouldn't move. People think I'm crazy, but in spite of these occasionally bizarro moments on public transpo, I still love not having a car. 

4. I bought myself a VIP Dreamstate ticket, and am kiiiiinda thinking that might be my last California festival. At some future date, in a few years, I might venture back for Coachella. But I think Dreamstate will be a good goodbye for now. Dreamstate, by the way, is a trance-specific electronic festival that happens every year around Thanksgiving. It is therefore lovingly nicknamed Trancegiving. It has pure trance (my least favorite), progressive trance (my mostest favoritest), and psytrance (my secret love). CANNOT WAIT.

5. My friend Joe who left LA years ago texted me out of the blue to say hi and he missed me. He had moved to Rhode Island with his boyfriend, but now they've just relocated to Fort Lauderdale. Joe and I have had a strangely parallel trajectory through life - personally, emotionally, creatively, and even professionally. Anyway, he's an even later late owl than me and now we have a semi-regular engagement to share writing (he's an amazing poet), songs, and whatevers. It's been a happy, unexpected little re-connection. 

That's Joe behind me, in the pirate eye makeup:

6. I was walking home last night in such a fantastic mood that I started singing a made-up song with the refrain "Life is beautiful" when the second biggest cockroach I have ever seen came full tilt at my ankles (no seriously, he was at least six inches tall). Brief interruption, then I kept singing. 

Roach: 0, Ellie: 1.