11 days

Ooof, today

Woke up and had to chase the moving company down to schedule an exact date, since the rep I was dealing with dipped early for Thanksgiving break last week and didn't roll back into the office until noon. Meanwhile I'm stressing because my new place needs a firm date from me, as does my new work. 

Found out my moving boxes aren't coming until Friday, so I won't have this week to pack, and will need to get it all done next week after I get back from San Diego (going down for a few days to hang with Steve and have a send-off weekend).

My kitchen sink backed up and held me hostage for an hour while I waited on maintenance, since I was too scared to go shower while the dishwasher was going, lest I return to a flooded floor.

My phone battery finally went kaput, and I had to make three trips to the Apple store. One to go book a Genius Bar appointment, one to actually go to the appointment, and one to go pick up my repaired phone. 

Went to my new work to get onboarded, but they don't like the look of my birth certificate, because despite it being the original copy with a seal and everything, I'm so ancient it comes from a time before Social Security numbers were printed on them. 

But since I don't have a Social Security card anymore, I need to get a replacement in order to fulfill my I9 requirements. Naturally, all the offices are closed to visits, and when I tried to do it online I was sent in unproductive circles.

Tried to sign my apartment lease digitally, since I finally confirmed movers and booked my flight, but the interface the apartment building uses is a mess, and I couldn't navigate through all the pages.

All of the above was eventually resolved, but goddamn was today a mission. 

So now I'm all set. Just need to pack. But everything is confirmed and paid for, and I am absolutely not dreaming. I can exhale because I really am getting the fuck out of California. 

It was a glorious 78 degrees today, by which I mean it was absolutely horrific and I hated every minute of it. I was sweating in just the lightest hoodie. But it was perfect, because it's just going to make getting out of this heat that much more incredible. I'm looking at a 40 degree drop in temp. FORTY DEGREES. Ask me how hard that makes me smile. I am so ready. Today I hit Uniqlo for some of their awesome HeatTech tops and leggings, which I used to wear at the market in winter (which was essentially like working outside).

New job in a 

New industry in a

New city with an endless number of 

New possibilities.

11 days til liftoff.