chicago (very big dreams)

Woke up this morning tired AF, since it took me all night to fall asleep, overloaded as my head was with a billion thoughts. Heavy thoughts, hopeful thoughts, happy thoughts, all kinds of thoughts. Woke up so, so tired, but I pulled myself together for the trial day at Company 2.

Left around 8:30am, to make sure I was in Culver City by 10am. Not super crazy about a commute that long, but as I mentioned before, I strongly suspected Company 2 was going to want me to quickly take over their soon-to-open DTLA location, so okay, no problem. 

Around 9am, I started checking my email. A lot. Wondering if I was going to hear from Company 3 at all, much less before Thanksgiving. Trying to tell myself to chill. Trying to prepare for not hearing anything for at least a week. Trying to prepare for the very real possibility they'd just hire locally and spare themselves the expense of relocating me.

Arrived on time to Company 2 and sat down for a really great, hour long talk with the regional manager and founder. Smart, passionate people. We got along great. They stayed professional in their language, following the whole "if you were to join us" rules of conversation, but it was clear they wanted me, and had me in mind for bigger things than the role they need filled right now. I knew that if Company 3 passed on me, I would be very, very happy and lucky to work with this team sitting in front of me. They have an awesome thing going, and it would be an amazing crew to grow with. 

But still. Wanted desperately to check my phone. 

Spent another 45 minutes observing one of their crew working through some admin tasks, very light overview of what I'd be learning. Just a couple of minutes before the predetermined time limit of 2 hours was up, the employee I was with stepped away to get something. I made a mad grab for my phone out of my bag. 

I had a missed call from Company 3. 

The 2 hour mark hit and I was asked for my PayPal or Venmo handle, so I could receive payment for my time today. I made some excuse about not remembering it, said my goodbyes, and bolted out to the sidewalk to listen to my voicemail.

"Hi Ellie, this is ___ from [Company 3]. Give me a call when you can."

Are you ready? I know you are. I know you've already guessed. You know me well enough to know I wouldn't write the post this way if it was bad news.

And so it is not bad news. It is not.

I got the job. It's in Chicago. I got the job in Chicago, which means I'm getting relocated. To work right smack in downtown Chicago. The East Loop. Literally the heart of the city. I'd show you a picture of the building, but to be safe I really shouldn't. But it's a high rise built in the 1920s. It's incredible. 

In Chicago. Where I am moving to. Because I got a job there. And they are relocating me. To Chicago. 

I know a lot of you already know this. It took me an hour and a half to respond to the over 30 (holy shit now it's up to almost 50) DMs I got on IG, when I announced it in my story. I cannot even come close to expressing how much that wave of encouragement and celebration and positivity has meant to me. 

And I have loads more to tell you, loads more to say about this and what it means to me. But right now I need to sleep. I'm so exhausted. I cried virtually nonstop from when I received the job offer until about an hour ago when I finished replying to my IG messages. That's not an exaggeration. When I got home I honestly lay down on my bathroom floor and cried harder and longer than I ever have, ever -- other than when Chaucer died.

But from happiness. 

So right now, sleep to rest my amazed, dazed brain. Sleep and very big dreams.