got the apartment in south loop!

Wanna see it?

These are from the 3D view, but this is the actual unit, so you can see what I mean about the floors being warm-toned. It's tinytown, so I need to decide if I want to hang on to some of the things that probably won't fit there, save them for the next, bigger place--or if I just want to unload them now and make my life easier. 

It would kill me to get rid of my Knoll Jamaica barstools. In fact I almost went with another place that had a built in counter, just so they'd have a home. But that other place had fugly beige quartz countertops and oak cabinets.

So IDK. I don't think there's room here for a tall table, or even an extension from the wall. But I have wanted those damn barstools since 2000something when I saw them in a Lucky Magazine. They're a symbol to me that I've "made it" and I hate the idea of letting them go.