in between times

Hi hello!

Toggling the lights back on, because after trawling the web to see how easy it is to find my personal blog based on the info in my resume/LinkedIn, I only found one leak, which has been sealed up. You can reverse navigate here by way of my online portfolio, but that would take some creativity and effort on the part of the searcher, and I'm not such a high value hire that I think anyone would bother. 

Also, at the end of the day, there really isn't anything all that scandalous here. Just an imperfect human, talking about her imperfect life and occasionally imperfect choices. 

I spent all week 100% focused on the job search, with minimal anxiety cluttering things up. The anxiety only comes from the fact that I feel like a lost an extra week to various adventures I really didn't need to undertake. All in, I'm looking at it like I took three weeks off. Two would have been ideal, but it's three, and I am accepting that.

Working in my favor is that I am extremely targeted in my search; there is a very specific sector I want to move into, so my applications don't require a ton of individualizing. Once I really locked down what it is I want to sell about myself, I felt about a thousand percent more confident launching my attack. I made a spreadsheet with two tabs; one logging open positions I'd applied to, and one logging cold inquiries I sent to companies with no public job postings I could find. 

Altogether I've got 22 applications out - but 9 of them just went out today, because it wasn't until two days ago that Steve suggested the cold inquiry approach. It took me a day to nail down the shorter cover letter for cold inquiries, because that gave me some anxiety until I realized that literally every time I myself received a cold inquiry from a job seeker, I was mad impressed and definitely made it a point to reach out and connect with them.

I got two immediate replies, and have two phone screens next week, both of which I'm super excited about for different reasons. I'd be delighted to work at either of these spots. 

So now that I'm at the point where every single currently open position has had my hat thrown into its ring, and every other company in the city has received my humble hello, I'm shifting my focus to education, education, education. There are tons of great resources related to this field, so I'm learning everything I can about every aspect. My skill set maps cleanly onto this type of work, but there will also be plenty of ways for me to grow and challenge myself. Slightly scary stuff, if I'm being honest, but comfort zones are for naps, not for living in.

My small-but-amazing network of people continues to be an incredible source of support. A woman I worked in tandem with on various marketing campaigns for one of my locations has deep ties to this industry, and set me up with a literal database of listings to work from. And my former boss called me up, unsolicited, at the beginning of the week after an informative meeting with his recruiter. "I got tons of useful feedback from this guy how to beef up my CV with concrete, quantifiable data. So I was thinking, let's do the same for yours." (Which is funny, because I'd spent the previous couple of days watching Jeff Su's YouTube channel suggesting the same approach.) So he called me up and, I shit you not, while on speakerphone with his equally badass wife, they helped me tweak my resume to be fitter, happier, beefier.

I got a lil weepy about all this kindness and he was like, "Look, I told you before. We are all in this together, and we're all gonna help one another get to the next thing. As far as I'm concerned, working with you I made a friend for life."

That didn't make me even weepier at all or anything.

I am also considering, just for funsies, penning a couple of articles for my LinkedIn. After a daily check for new job postings, I really don't have much else to do anyway. Who knows. Something I knock together could get passed around and end up under the eyes of the right person. I have been known to string a strong sentence or two together, in my day.

Not much else to report on. Had a lovely Little Tokyo dinner with Kenny and Alfie, IG story'd the fuck out of it. Next weekend is Dreamstate, which is my super duper duper big festival of the year. Not as in size, it's actually kind of smallish in terms of attendance, but in importance. Literally dozens of my favorites (it's an all trance festival, nicknamed Trancegiving since it's always held in late November) and always the highlight of my year. For actual Thanksgiving, I'll probably have dinner with Kenny and Alfie. 

And that's, lovelies. Happy Saturday, I'm off to West Hollywood for errands!