oh to wear their lenses

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Tonight I'm going out to dinner with Kenny and Alfie, and we're getting celebratory drinks afterward. I might sneak in one more visit with Kenny before I go, but this will most likely be the last time I see Alfie.

Kenny and Alfie are my last real LA friends. Everyone else still here is an occasional, or a part-timer. And they have been making sure I don't ever spend a major holiday alone for about eight years now. So tonight will hurt. 

Erin sent me a tweet recently, something about how adulthood means you have three friends, they all live out of state, and you basically just send one another dog photos all the time. Pure facts. 

This Thanksgiving, per usual, I don't even think about the fact that I have no blood family left. I have all the family I need, brothers and a sister whose love and support of me has saved me again and again. One of these days this whole big mess of a blog will be compiled into a book, so I'm dropping these screenshots here to make sure they get recorded.