winter 2021, brought to you by fraud

Good grief is the universe testing me right now. Exhibit A:

That is the total cost of fraudulent Uber charges on my Chase since the end of October. Which I have just discovered, right now, late this evening. I knew my credit card balance was creeping up due to not working, but holy shit, when I saw what it was I couldn't breathe. 

Chase is handling it, all the charges will be reversed without issue. It very clearly shows from Uber's end that my last trip was going to the airport to see Cameron. The two reps I spoke two had the most satisfyingly grave tone ever. They clearly don't see a cool $4k in grift every day. Or maybe they do. But they were very sympathetic sounding. The one who ended the call with me told me gently to "get some rest" LOL.

Unreal. $4k! 

In happier news, today I paid move-in costs on my new place, set up internet and electric there (and scheduled the disconnects here), and found out what's been holding up my unemployment claim. It was--wait for it - a fraudulent claim filed in my name last year. No idea. Absolutely no idea how or who or why. No idea if I'm being targeted, or if it's just random evilness in the world, of which there is much. God knows I get my share of people trying to mess with me. 

In even happier news, I've reconnected with a couple of friends who'd faded a bit from my day to day: Costa and Brent. Super happy about that, was great to have nice long calls with them over the past few days and catch up. Costa has deep and extant Chicago roots; I'll think I'll be able to wheedle him into a visit very soon. I've also secured soft commitments from six or so people to try and come out for St. Patrick's Day, which is basically a holy day to me, it is so special. 

Heading to bed feeling the strength of my tiny army of friends behind me, another day of weirdness put to bed without too terribly much trouble.