third interview recap

Quick update on job search things, then I will return to my extremely dramatic story about Dreamstate (I swear, sometimes when I wake up the next day and reread what I've written, it's like Jesus Christ Ellie, chill). 

I just had my third interview with Company 3, this time with the VP. And though I may be delusional, I don't think it could have gone any better than it did. I was totally at ease, and when I answered her questions I spoke at length and on point. She agreed with things I said, smiled a lot, and I made her laugh. There's no doubt she liked me. 

And after the call, I looked up the client I would be supporting. It just so happens that I have a random, very coincidental connection to their product line, thanks to a job I had years ago. Really just a bizarre happenstance, but there's a very good possibility that this client would know people I know, from when I was in this position. At the very least, I'd be shocked if they didn't know of the company I spent many months hanging out at, in support of my boss at the time. 

Since I mentioned that job briefly during this interview, I reached back out to the VP to follow up, say thanks, and let her know about this connection--which could only further recommend me for the role.

I think I need to be prepared for the possibility that they will go with someone already local, already in the city in question, rather than spend the money to relocate me.

But at this point I know I have shown myself to be more than qualified, and I'm just really proud of how well I've done in the interview process. I know I've done my absolute best, and it's in their hands to decide whether I'm worth the extra cost of a relocation. 

Letting go now, and shifting focus to my onsite trial day with Company 2, tomorrow.