5 out of 16

I forgot to tell you. About a week ago, I got a text from the hiring manager of another company I'd applied at, inviting me to interview. So that bumped me up to 4 callbacks out of 16 applications. Not bad, right?

But then the really crazy thing. A couple of days ago, I got an email from the woman to whom I sent my very first application. The one that started all of this off. This is the company in Larchmont that Alfie told me about. When I looked them up and saw nothing posted in their career section, I found the founder's email address online and emailed her anyway. I sent my resume and a cover letter I was really damn proud of. It was my first cold call email ever, hard and scary as fuck, but I did it.

I never heard back from her, and though it slightly bummed me out, by the time I got back from Houston I was ready to jump back in and start applying like crazy anyway.

Well, she emailed me a couple of days ago wanting to meet me.

So think about how amazing this all is. For one thing, that puts me at 5 out of 16. And I know no one is keeping track, but for someone switching an entire industry? I'm sorry but I'm just so goddamn proud of myself. I know it's partially due to the awesome resume my old boss helped me tweak, but also hugely due to my cover letters, which were just pitch perfect.

But the other thing to realize is how insane the timing is. If this founder had gotten back to me sooner, I might have taken a job with her. Then by the time my current company reached out for an interview, I would have told them no....never knowing they had an opportunity in Chicago.

That just blows my mind. Everything lines up. Everything puts you exactly where you need to be. You are always exactly where you are meant to be. You don't always see it at the time, but it's true.