day 2 night vibes

Didn't get out to explore until after dark today; was held hostage by the UPS guy who was bringing my birthy certy. But it came, thankfully, so now I'm solid and ready to start work tomorrow. Literally the only thing I am anxious about is the fact that I have such limited clothing to begin with, and I don't really love my first day outfit. It's not ideal, but I have to suck it up until my FedEx's start arriving Wednesday.

Other than that, zero nerves. Just positive anticipation. Ready to learn and kick ass.

Found my Target (15 minute walk) and Container Store (9 minute walk), and got a couple of survival essentials. Then it was out to wander the sparkly city streets and see what the nighttime vibe is like in my new neighborhood. Saw the Riverwalk for the first time, and it was just now, in the evening. So freaking pretty, reflecting all the lights. Photos below, but the best shots are in my story. I'll add them to my Homecoming highlights too. 


I'm starting to visualize the way my place will look when my things come; the only issue is going to be closet space, because I was spoiled by my last place and expanded to fill it, like a goldfish in a big tank. I'm also on the fence about whether or not to stick with my king or downsize to a queen. I am soooo attached to having a king, but it would be pretty ridiculous here. 

And my gorgeous ivory velvet curtains are a no go here. The roller blinds are installed between the walls, not against. There's no way to get curtain rods up. Which is just as well, since with the space being so tiny it really needs as much light as it can get. No curtains will keep it really open feeling. 

I can't really see anything else I'll need to get for the space, or any major changes to my stuff I'll need to make. Just anxiously awaiting word that it's on its way. Could be as much as a month.


I had the best call with Costa earlier, and one of the things we talked about was the cold. Because to be honest, while I appreciate everyone's concern, the whole OMG ELLIE THE COLD!!!! ARE YOU GONNA BE OKAY IN THE COLD YOU KNOW IT'S COLD IN CHICAGO RIGHT??! HOW YA HANDLING THAT COLD HAHA!!! has gotten real old, real quick. 

Today I found myself again overheated while I was out, because everyone's fear mongering about the damn cold had me so tripped out that I haven't dared the leave the house unless I'm swaddled head to toe like baby Jesus. So unnecessary. I've been conditioned by all these comments and questions to be scared, to the point that it kind of undercut my joy in moving a little, because I had this needling fear of What if they're right?? What if I can't handle the cold, and I'm too old and frail and I'm making a terrible mistake??

Well, I should have ignored the negativity and trusted my instincts. Not only am I fine in the cold, I fucking love it. I find it bracing and refreshing and purifying. After three decades of being always hot, living in the wrong climate, I'm grateful for every chilly breath. 

I also have a theory that I shared with Costa, which is that peoples' reaction to the weather is based largely on the kind of clothing they like to wear. If you don't like to be bundled up, if you don't like heavy sweaters and scarves and hats, if you find all that fuss annoying, then yeah you're going to resent the cold. And of course you're going to hate the cold if you're not dressed warmly enough. And I feel like a lot of people just don't want to put that much clothing on. Maybe especially sexy young people, who want to wear less and show off their bodies? IDK. I get it. I certainly think that's why so many Californians love California--they get to dress for it.

Meanwhile I'm over here having the time of my life putting on my hat and gloves, feeling Christmasy as fuck and loving how festive and cozy it all is. 

Anyway, I vented to Costa big time about it. And he gets it. He's from damn Nebraska. Imagine that kind of cold, nothing but the icy wind coming off the plains, right at your face, all winter long. 

I may change my tune as it dips even lower or drags on for months, and I don't yet know what it'll be like at my work, but so far at home and out and about, I'm doing fine. 

And now, pics!