of toast, loafers, and icicles

I stayed close to home this weekend, no big adventuring. I needed to unpack the boxes I shipped and get organized ahead of my movers coming in the morning. And even if I wanted to go further out, I couldn't have, thanks to toast and loafers.

On Tuesday, my boss and I got Pot Belly for lunch. It's a local sandwich place, super popular. It was my first time having it; I didn't know they toast all the sandwiches by default. No big deal, but I despise toasted sandwiches. If I wanted hot food I'd get fucking lasagne. Don't make assumptions about what normally comes room temperature, restaurant chains.

Anyway, I didn't notice at the time, but it cut the living shit out of the roof of my mouth. (I was probably nervous and eating fast because I was with my boss and it was my first day.) And when something fucks up the roof of my mouth--cereal, sour candy, whatever--that's it. I'm gastronomically benched for a week. My mouth takes forever to heal. I haven't been able to eat anything other than room temperature soup or ice cream since Tuesday.

But I have no pots. I have no can opener. So the soup to ice cream ratio has been about 10/90. Yesterday I broke down and got myself an $8 8oz cup of lobster bisque from Whole Foods, but mostly I am starving all day until I can't take it anymore and get some ice cream lest I pass out from starvation. So it's not exactly an ideal time to be across town somewhere, hungry, and not be able to eat. Or have to eat, but have it be murderously painful. Because I can't eat any real food whatsoever yet. (Believe me, I have wished death upon the Pot Belly decision makers several times over the last week.)

On top of that, on Wednesday I wore new loafers to work. Totally not broken in. They destroyed my heels. Straight bleeding cuts, both of them. I had to wear my super worn out and loose GG dupes to work the rest of the week, and even then I was limping around for days. They're starting to heal now, and thank god my favorite comfy boots arrived. But I'm totally out of commission physically here. Toast and loafers took me out


But here's a fun win: the gym at my building.

There are two gyms; one regular and one CrossFit. I got very lucky because the regular one is in my tower, and the CrossFit one is in the other (my building has two towers). That means I can go straight downstairs in my gym clothes and don't have to go outside to cross over in the cold.

And the gym itself is amazing. There are five damn treadmills, they're touchscreen and bluetooth, and you can create an ID to log your workouts. (My new thing is watching running trail simulators on YouTube while I listen to a podcast.) It's open until midnight and so far it's been empty every time I've gone. Even the bathrooms are impressive. 

There's lots more amenities, like an incredible top level terrace with great views--but I want to wait to post pics of that until I can catch a sunset.

But here are some other shots from yesterday. These are from my short sojourns to two of the shopping areas near me. To get to one, I get to cross the river and train tracks. Mind blowing. So cool.

This last shot is the view out my front door. That's the intersection I live on. And that's an enclosed dog park right there, that grass.

The colors of this city absolute enchant me. Everything in the grey cloudy day catches the sun coming through, and it's all blues and shimmery silvers reflecting on the high rises. I just stare at it, as I'm walking around doing my errands. I sigh happily, like I'm in a cartoon. I can feel the way so much tension has left my body, just being in the right climate, the right part of the country. A truly walkable, city lifestyle at last. I've said before that I'm really sensitive to my environment, and in LA I was constantly, actively suppressing a dislike of my surroundings. The sun always in my face. The heat, even in December. The overcrowding. The lack of trees and green spaces. Cars cars cars cars everywhere. No one walking, because you really couldn't. The dismal, hot, glinting, dirty feel of it all. 

It's like a bad dream now. Like I walked out of one life and into another. I honestly hope winter goes on forever. I feel like it's freezing my time in LA into an icicle that I could just break off. Toss into the snow, or even smash if I want.

I don't want to smash it. But it feels good to keep it where it is.