one shall be cozy, at least

This afternoon when the moving company called to confirm my pickup for tomorrow morning, I asked whether they have a delivery window yet.

Long story short: they do not. And it could be a minute. It could be a very long minute, in fact, before my things arrive. Erin didn't get her stuff, moving from LA to Ohio, for 20 days

When the dispatcher told me that worst case scenario it could be 21 business day, I lost my shit and started to stress out at the thought of not having anything for that long. But then when I sat down to strategize, I realized it's mainly two things I'm worried about: not having enough clothing and not being able to sleep, comfortably and warmly.

So I said fuck it, and went onto Wayfair and ordered myself a cheap twin size mattress. A real mattress, not an air mattress. It's actually the same brand as my current one, just smaller. Side note: I cannot believe I used to think you had to spend $$$$ on mattresses. I bought my current king solely for how low it is (8 inches), because it's just me weighing the thing down and I like the look of it. And it's incredibly comfortable. And it was $300. 

All this to say for $150 it's so worth it to me to just guarantee I'll be able to sleep. Earlier before I'd made that decision, when I talked to Erin today and she was trying to get me down off the ledge, she said to make sure I put plenty of blankets between myself and the air mattress, because of how cold they get.

I immediately flashed back to moving to LA and sleeping on an air mattress while we waited for our stuff to arrive from AZ, and how awful it was. And I said nope. Nopity nope nope. Not doing that.

So a regular, if small, actual bed will be waiting for me when I arrive on Saturday, along with a mattress topper, sheets, blankets, and a big fluffy comforter. I feel about a million times better, knowing that after the insanity of a redeye (with a layover!) and coming into a city about 30 degrees colder than I'm used to--that I haven't set foot in since I was 10 years old--I will have everything I need to curl up and sleep well that night, is a massive relief. 

As to clothes, I'm just going to box up as much as possible and ship it ahead of myself. Clothes, shoes, and a few kitchen basics to get by on, though I'm sure I'll end up ordering takeout for a month anyway. Also sending ahead my Marshall speaker and some small lamps. As long as I can be cozy, with nice lighting and music, I can deal with no furniture for a few weeks.

Okay, back to packing.