holding pattern

The client pushed back their return to work another week. So instead of next Monday, we’re looking at the 24th. That means another week of quiet office sitting for me. A few people come in here and there, but there’s still very little to do. I collect packages, make coffee if anyone’s around, keep track of open projects for finishing the space up. Weekly calls with my boss and our VP; twice-monthly calls with the client’s team. And that’s about it. Next week our head IT guy is coming in from California to check things over and train me on the AV. I will be so relieved once I have all that down. Our space has an event arena set up for teleconferencing and presenting with large and partially remote audiences. It’s one of the best amenities, a huge sell for clients, and things have to run seamlessly when they want to use it. I’m not letting our IT guy go until I have done it myself repeatedly without any issues. 

My days will be unrecognizable from what they are now, in another few weeks when it starts filling up. And when the entire company is here and there are some 200+ people, I know I’ll be extremely busy and occasionally long for these do-nothing days. Yesterday I sat in one of the office window sills that looks out over the street and just watched people walking by. And that was to take a break from reading all day.  It’s almost comical how much my days have changed from those of frantic restaurant management. 


Edit: I started this post in the morning, but then I actually had things to do today! Very exciting. Turns out some of the client’s team is returning to work next week after all, so I finaaaallly had things to do to get ready for that. I’m getting super stoked at the thought of people finally being here, getting some energy going around here. I still have Monday off, though. 


It blows my mind how little I’ve worked over the past few months. My last company closed on October 17th. I had a couple of intense training days here that definitely felt like work, but other than that it will be three solid months of doing virtually nothing. That’s a quarter of a year. A couple of days ago on the call with my boss and VP, the VP reminded me that Monday is a company holiday, and that if the client needs me here, to make sure I take a different day off. Mind blowing. I told her I appreciate that, but I don’t mind coming in at all, and besides, I have my trip next month. 

Costa invited me skiing in Breckenridge, middle of February. His friend has a ski in-ski out timeshare right by one of the lifts that we’re going to use. Last year he went by himself during a time he and I weren’t really talking (friend fallout; they happen), but he knows I’m always super down for adventures so this year he asked me. I am out of my mind excited. It’s been a minute since I was on skis, but I grew up going often with my family (Breckenridge, Park City, Taos) and was fanatic about it in my 20s. Arizona skiing isn’t exactly world class, but holy shit it is fun. And warm. I even had my own boots for years, the coolest Rossignols ever. 

Naturally I bought myself a ski suit, because of course I would do that. It’s ridiculous. Ivory with a blue stripe going up and behind the legs and big blue stars at the calves. I can’t decide if I look like I’m sponsored by Nascar or NASA. El Armstrong. A splurge for sure but I figure this is gonna go one of two ways. Either I’m gonna fall right back into the joy of skiing and make that my new personality or it doesn’t go so hot and I can sell the suit. I scooped some goggles on clearance, some ivory gloves, and a blue argyle neck warmer. I might have gotten how to ski entirely and eat shit all day, but I’m going to look mad cute sitting in the snow. I’m sure I’ll reinstall Instagram for the trip and story it all. Costa is too much fun not to make the most of it.