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dark dark dark dark dark dark dark dark corners

Sometimes you go to a show, see a band you've never seen live before, and walk away feeling secretly disappointed. Thinking you prefer how they sound at home, on your speakers. Loving them slightly less.

The only point of this post is to say that Tokyo Police Club will not be that band. And if a time comes when you have to choose between, say, dining at your favorite restaurant or seeing TPC? Tell the maitre d' you'll be in touch to reschedule. Then hit a Red Bull and be on your way to the concert hall, because these young rockers are going to bring ALL their energy. And they'll be expecting yours.

here be moshers

Bambi will forever be my favorite of theirs, but Argentina (Parts I, II, III) off the new album is wicked lovely, if you haven't heard it:

size matters

Did you know that gel capsules sizes are inverse relative to women's clothing sizes? So a 00 in jeans is smaller than a 4, but a 00 in Healthy Foods Brand V-Caps is much, much larger than a 4.

I did not know this. Post-delivery research has shown me I was wrong to assume that the larger the number, the larger the capsule. And we all know what happens when one assumes things: one gets stuck with a useless 300-count bag of empty horse pills.


If you did not know this either, let my mistake be your educational opportunity. To review:

And that will conclude today's pharmaceutical lesson.


p.s. This post may or may not have been an excuse to show off a blurry corner of my new repro Charles Ghost counter stools, which came today! I love them! I'll post better pics soon.

p.p.s. If anyone knows any equines that want to seriously fucking party this summer, let me know.