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Year Two

Acknowledging that this blog occasionally devolves into The Ellie and Terence Show and recognizing how uninteresting the romantic lives of strangers can be, I'm nevertheless gonna hit you with another segment before you get a commercial break.

Terence and I turned two this past weekend. I told him that if we were canine, we'd no longer be a puppy. We'd be a full-fledged adult dog expected to mind our manners and not pee in the house. Neither he nor I had any idea where I was going with that metaphor, but there it is.

We celebrated our anniversary by doing our thing - going to a music festival, of course. In this case, an all-electronic music festival. The longest-running one in the country, in fact, and one also celebrating an anniversary: 20 years. I've wanted to go to Nocturnal Wonderland for a while now, and something about it having a milestone birthday made going at forty a little less intimidating. I figured there'd be a lot of veteran ravers and older peeps there to stoke the EDM fire (particularly since this year the festival was a full three days) - and I was right. And that was cool.

I wore leg wraps and fluffies, furry hoods and fishnets. Terence wore animal ears and tails, glow stuff and goofy glasses. We stashed our maturity in a rented locker and ran around a park in San Bernardino three nights in a row, only stopping for a few hours of sleep in between.

On Saturday night (well, 3am Sunday morning) we showered off the filth of the festival, cuddled up under overly-starched hotel sheets, and munched on single-serving boxes of Apple Jacks from the lobby. And when we were done he showed me a short video he'd made for our anniversary. And it's kinda ridiculous. I watched it four times in a row, crying despite the fact that I was still high as a kite. It's just about the sweetest goddamn thing ever, particularly since the reason he made it, he says, was to make me feel how the video I did last year made him feel.

He had very few clips with which to do this, because I rarely let him record video of me.* And even when he does, I refuse to watch it. (I almost always hate how I look and it freaks me out.) So I was seeing much of this for the first time. Seeing, in a way, how he sees me, for the first time. It's got some in-jokes and relationship memes the logic of which would crumble if I tried to explain them, but I don't think that matters. And with that I will stop contextualizing a two minute video and just let the E and T show play on.

And because you suffered through that, I will shortly reward you with the most mockery-inviting photos of me (leg wraps! fluffies! when will I grow up?!) you have ever seen.

I hope your holiday weekend had some celebrating in it, too, even something as simple as hotdogs and a day off.


* The zip line video isn't even his; that's footage from the GoPro of one of the zip tour guides, from my Georgia trip this summer (still haven't blogged about that day yet!).

year one

A year ago tonight I went on a first date with someone who, every day since, has shown me more love, affection, support, sweetness, patience and understanding than I ever could have dreamed of finding in one person. Lucky doesn't even come close to describing how I feel. Lucky is just a shadow of my gratitude, which gets filled in to bursting every day with the laughter and light Terence has brought into my life - even when I forget to tell him, which is entirely too often.

I have much more to say to him privately, if I can get it out without blubbering into our anniversary dinner. But I don't think he'll mind my sharing something I made just now, to celebrate and commemorate the time we've spent together so far. It's basically a three minute explanation of where I am when I'm not around here. Personally I think it constitutes a pretty solid excuse, but I don't know. I could be under some kind of spell from staring at that damn dimple for the past hour and a half.

Thanks loads to everyone who's cheered us on this far. It's really nice to be able to share this milestone in a place where I haven't always had the happiest things to share.

Happy weekend, weirdos.


Bury me with my guitar 
Bury me with my records 
Where I am going, I'm gonna need something to do 
Bury me with my guitar 

Bury me with my best t-shirt 
Bury me with my Chucks 
Where I am going, I'm gonna need something to wear 
Bury me with my black t-shirt 

Nothing ever changes I'll be 
Happier than hell in Hell 
Waiting for my friends and family 

Yeah all right I said it, I think 
You're a bunch of crazies, love you 
I'm taking you all down with me 

Bury me with my Blue Spirits 
Bury me in Echo Park 
Where I am going, I'm gonna need somewhere to hang 
Bury me with my Blue Spirits 

Of course I hope we live forever 
Get happy and can grow together 
Never ever have to say goodbye

But just in case I made this list and 
If you lose it I'll be pissed, but 
At least I know you'll give it your best try 

We're gonna give it our best try 
We're gonna help put everything back inside 
Where I am going, I'm gonna need somebody there 
Bury me with my mama 

Bury me next to my mama 
Bury me next to my pops... pop! 
Where I am going, I'm gonna need someone who cares 
Bury me with my guitar 

- Buried, by Family of The Year


Started at the Starbucks now we here. :)