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blues / clues

I have these to share from the part of my weekend that was good:

She doesn't have eyes. She sold them for the hair. 
Oh, does my alien arm frighten you? HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL I'M ATTACHED TO IT
I've just realized the pointlessness of the previous three decades of my life. Ugh, so embarrassing when that happens. 
Gearing up for my turn at Chameleon Bowling

I have this to share from the part of my weekend that was not:

I call it "50/50 probability". It's embiggenable!

And I have this to share from the part of my brain that stopped developing at Intellect Level: Teenage Lit Mag:

Hope everyone's weekend was just as fucking exciting!!11!

t-minus 144

For Autumn, who (lol) says there aren't enough (lolol) pictures of me around here (LOLOLOL):

The smug bitch on the left just booked Bonnaroo, so she's probably not going to shut about that for the next five months. Her friend on the right, however, will try to keep her in check and diversify topics for the 99.9% of you to whom Bonnaroo is Boringroo. They're thinking a post about lineup discoveries, one about festival gear recommendations, and maybe finally that MDMA PSA.

My cold was nearly gone but then we stayed out drinking all night with Kross, so I'm back to sounding like an emphysemic pug. Chaucer's into it.

That's it. That's all I've got at the moment. Shitty selfies and some humblebragging. I hope everyone is able to do some of this today (the relaxing part, not the drooling on the bed part):


expectation v. gratitude

Hipsta: Chunky lens, Blanko Noir film. Location: Malibu, CA. Text: yers truly, ~3am this morning.

#twinning 2

Posting will return to normal (?) as soon as I get this out of my system:


This one's not for pinning (not that anyone was gonna).

Hipsta: BuckhorstH1, Alfred Infrared. Setting: Metro Red Line. Shoes: Aldo. Inspiration: a vastly better poet.

we must plunge

Took this hipsta at the Grand Park opening on Saturday, after my superhero encounter:

Lens: Bettie XL, film: Kodot XGrizzled, no flash. If pinning's your thing, feel free!