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Bird and Mole

Bird and Mole were two friends who moved through life in very different ways.

Bird liked to fly high above the trees, cooling herself in the clouds, soaring past steeple and spire. The spaciousness of the sky filled her with a glorious sense of freedom, and from such heights she could see a perfect patchwork of farms and orchards.

Mole liked to burrow deep in the dark, in the warm, safe ground, working slowly through field and forest. The feel of the earth so tight around her was comforting, and up close she could see a beautiful underworld of roots and plants.

Bird said: "If we traded places, you'd understand that everything fits together like a puzzle."

Mole said: "If we traded places, you'd know why it does."

stephanie's standards

"Oh but he's such a catch," she said, when her friends raised their eyebrows at one another. "He's got some limbs and a mouth and a functioning brain. He speaks fluent English and has read at least three books for pleasure. He can boil water and operate a car. I'm quite certain he's never murdered anyone, and he doesn't kick my dog."

Thus enlightened, her friends had no choice but to be happy for her. Except for Stephanie, who secretly wondered what sort of fish had been thrown back.

lion and bear

Her: It's like if they put a lion and a bear together in the zoo. They'd probably get along and even enjoy one another, but sooner or later the lion would wish the bear was a lion, and the bear would wish the lion was a bear.

We're a lion and a bear.

Him: Well I guess that makes me a bear who loves lions.

shape and use

Two friends were walking together when one paused to shift the weight of something on her shoulder. The other frowned. "Why don't you drop that?" he suggested. "You'd get further faster."

"Because it isn't a burden," she replied. "It's a shield."

Her companion seemed confused, so she continued: "One is a problem to be solved; the other solves a problem I don't want."

After a moment she added, "Only when it's in your own arms do you know the shape and use of what you carry."

The two set forth once again, taking care to set their pace to one another - as friends do.

conflict and dialogue

Conflict stormed into the room and crashed about wildly, breaking windows and glasses and hearts.

Some fled, terrified of getting cut. Some crept closer and saw themselves reflected in her mirror finish. The show didn't last long, though; Dialogue took her down with just one shot.


Accountability knocked hard on the door, but The Victim refused to answer. "Go away!" she cried, and stuffed her fingers in her ears. She looked with satisfaction at the arsenal of excuses that lined the shelves of her room. "I don't have to come out if I don't want to!"

"No you don't," replied her visitor. "Nor do we have to come in." And off he walked, hand in hand with Integrity, in search of another opportunity.

truth and denial

Denial went walking through the woods, clutching something tightly in her hand. Truth saw her and asked, "What is it that you're carrying?"

"It's a rose," she answered. "The most beautiful you've ever seen." She unfolded her fingers to show Truth, who looked down to see a fistful of dried petals and a palm bloodied by thorns. 

Truth looked at Denial, whose eyes shone bright with pride. "Isn't it perfect?" she sighed. He smiled at her sadly.

"It was once," said Truth, "but now it's just painful. Why don't you let it go so you can heal?" 

Denial laughed and shook her head. "Oh, it doesn't hurt it all! Besides, it's very special. It's the only one of its kind."

Truth watched as she wandered off, her eyes still fastened upon the dead thing she held. So absorbed was she that she nearly bumped into Opportunity, who had come strolling along. But she didn't see him or hear him - or notice when he tipped his hat hello. 

anger and opinion

Anger and a friend sat crouched in a corner, coiled and ready to strike. Opinion came walking by, minding her own business, when she suddenly felt the sting of Anger's bite.

"Ow!" she cried, and looked down to see two tiny drops of poison beading on her skin. "What did I do to you?"

But Anger didn't say a word. He just pointed to Sadness, who stood beside him with slumped shoulders and downcast eyes.

Opinion frowned. "Which one of you bit me?" she demanded.

"We both did," they said in unison. "I was the reason," said Sadness. "And I was the rhyme," echoed Anger.

Opinion looked at them for a moment, thinking. Then without replying, she turned and walked away.

She decided not to visit that corner anymore.

habit and fear

Habit woke up one day and said, "I'm ready to change."

Immediately, she felt Fear tugging at her sleeve. "I bet you can't," he whispered. Habit ignored him.

Fear repeated himself, louder this time. "I bet you can't!"

Habit turned to face Fear directly. "I heard you," she said. "I'm just not listening."